Im looking into getting some effects

What is a good wah pedal?
Good delay, reverb, flanger, chorus


Should i get a rack unit?

I dont want an expensive one im looking into a
marshall JFX1
lexicon MPX 550

can you recommend any band for your buck rack effect units?

cheers UG

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Marshall JFX is ok, only does reverbs, modulations and delays. If thats all you want I'd try a TC Electronics G-Sharp.

The Nova system is pretty nice also - does anyone know if it lets you route the effects around your preamp?
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First thing... your typical rack item won't give you the "wah" you want. So, hopefully I am mistaking what you are asking... but I'd get a normal wah pedal, then "something else" to do the reverb/delay/etc.

Now, for that "something else" .... Do you already have a rack? If not, and you only intend to run this one rack item, I'd recommend just sticking with pedals/etc. Like get some individual stomp boxes for the effects, or get something like the Nova to run them.

But, if you want to do the rack... I have a Lexicon MPX and I really enjoy. Excellent quality effects. Has like 200 presets (with tons of options for customizing each one, and creating your own presets). It has chorus's, flanger's, wah-type effects, weird effects, delay effects, reverbs (I love these), and much more. It is a great piece of equipment, and I really think it is a great bargain.

However... I largely use for recording... I have not tried to use it live, but I imagine that in order to use it live, you'd need a MIDI floorboard and probably a few hours learning how to program that MPX. I found all of this just too complicated; so I largely stick with stomp boxes for jamming/live/etc type playing, and use my MPX for recording or messing around.

But, with any rack effect, you are going to run into this "complication" with trying to run it live. But once you get it setup and get the hang of what you are doing, it isn't that bad. And... I am not trying to make it sound horrifically hard/impossible, it's just that for me... I found it better (in my circumstances) to just use pedals for "live", than to work with MIDI (eh, MIDI still scares me, lol...).

But anyway, the MPX is a great piece! Great sounds and customization!!! (too many options at times if you ask me, lol) And it is a great bargain for what it is.

But also... if you intend to go rack and are interested in actually doing live stuff (like on a stage, not your bedroom)... I believe TC's G-Major is pretty simple to setup for live-use (simpler than the MPX from what I recall), and it also boasts pretty good effects.

Eh... I feel like what I wrote is just jumbled ramblings... good luck!