I'm currently borrowing my sister's ipod. I'm not sure what type, but it's 40gb and is not new. I hooked it up to my pc to put some songs on, but Itunes wouldn't open for some reason so I decided to reboot. I right clicked the "Safetly remove hardware" icon to disconnect it, but nothing pops up. I checked out my screen and it wasn't running already. I tried a few more times and nothing pops up. The ipod says "Do not disconnect", so would just rebooting the pc now hurt it?
ONLY iPod help thread

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Sorry, didn't know there was one. I've never used an Ipod before so I hadn't ever looked for a thread
It should open the Itunes thing right away after you plug it in. Also, i remove mine all the time while it says not to and its fine.