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a long time mayb not since january. i use to pop loads but now i seem to play softer
My acoustic has strings that are four years old and I just have not got around to changing them.
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Around a year and a half...haha first guitar. didn't know any better
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i think i had strings on my strat for close to a year if i remember right.ive kept strings on my classical for maybe 5 or more months, my father had strings on his 70s acoustic for i could guess close to 30 years cause he never played it lol it was a bitch to change them things lol if my camera starts working right lol ill put pics up of my gear
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His name isnt Warren.
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christmas of 06.. (when i first got it) i play it about every day, though ive changes the high and low e a couple times.. its a fender mim, and i tune from drop d, eb, to e alot. ive never changed all my strings on any guitar(still stock fender bullets), i dont know how to properly, nor have i compared the tone
Well I went for about 9 months or so on my Squier Strat, not sure how, but I did.

I've gone from December untill now on my Ibanez RG, haven't changed strings once. I'm happy with my sound so i'm not sure whether or not to. Last time I changed mine was on my strat, and that was a f.cking mess.
I think I usually wait about 6 months before I change my strings. I know I should change my strings more often, and when I change my strings I get a really nice tone on the E, A and D string that sounds kind of metallic (I don't know if that effect happens on all guitars). I only change my strings when the intoneation goes really bad. Before I changed my strings 2 weeks ago, the 12th fret on my high E sounded closer to an F.
Uh the longest was about 6 month months on my acoustic.. I was dying to get them changed.
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you've been playing for 7 to 8 EIGHTS?

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4 months - I play flats.

You should really try playing some sharps too! And some whole notes! And...
Oh wait, strings...doh!
3 months with the stock squier strigs! sounded sooooo bad...
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I've gotten 6 months out of my Dadarido set 13 gauge strings. then the high e broke. to much metal. Be aware I kept my guitar at drop A tuning though. On my guitar I KEEP TUNED AT STANDARD tuning I can get 4 months same brand of stings just a gauge 9 cus i cot flyod rose on that one.
About 5 months. I really cba, with ma floyd rose it's so much hassle. Plus I use D'arrios or elixirs, so they last well.
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its been about 4-5months since ive changed mine, cause im broke right now, but d'addario's hold tone quite well, so im alright for a week or two til i get some cash
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Ive had mine on my acoustic for 7 years....and I actually use it alot so its not just sitting around

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Probably nearly a year. When I broke a string on my first guitar I had my sisters husband restring it for me and just never restrung it afterwards, lol. I felt the strings on that guitar not long ago and they are grouse feeling/smelling lol.
hmm prolly the longest I went was like 2 and a half months I was broke a lazy =O
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uhh about 8 months
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Well, on my two active guitars (for my band), probably 1 or 2 months. For my semi-hollow '50s Epi - probably 3 years now as I rarely take it out and play it. For my old junker 1st guitar (Squier) - probably 1 year. For my "camping" acoustic guitar - I haven't changed the strings since my sophmore year in highschool.... which would be approximately 11 years ago!!!
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I'm still using the stock strings on the beginners guitar I bought 5 months ago. I play it every day. A lot.
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9 months on my nylon string. When I got new strings it sounded so much better that it gave me the illusion that I was a better player. I just love the sound of new strings.
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i just got started on guitars when i got a nylon string in last sept and its funny because i dont really remember any difference in tone since im not experienced, but i know they should be changed just by looking at them. so i guess 8-9 months
These nylon strings I have on my Eterna have lasted me about 2 years so far. They still sound as good as you would expect.
It took four months of straight playing on stock Ibanez strings. One broke so I bought a set of Ernie Ball super slinkies.

I swear, I must've have been listening to my old strings through my ass, because they were crap compared to these new strings.
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