I was just wondering - is it difficult to add a floyd rose to a guitar with a "normal" tremelo bridge?

Apart from the bridge and the nut, any other bits that would need adjusting?

I really don't know a lot about modification, so help would be useful!

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You would need to rout all the way through the guitar and into the back to install the springs, hence the "floating" part of the tremolo.

Put it this way, you would probably need to cut quite a lot out of the body of your guitar.
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Its not cheap if you have to pay somebody to do it for you. And not so easy if you do it yourself. And you would still need to buy a FR a good one new is 150+.
I installed a Floyd Rose in two guitars myself and if you don't know how to use a router than don;t even consider trying to install one.

Having said that, if you do know how to use one, all it takes is very careful measuring, a steady hand and a lot of patience to install one.
I found they are not as hard to install as everyone thinks, it's just getting the measurements correct and routing very precisely.
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