Is it just me or do pedals drain 9 v batteries like a fat man eating candy? I put in the Danelectro battery that came with my Slap Echo, and it was drained in under a hour. I bought this pedal new, but it was from 97. Never been played. Help me! Lol.
9V batteries rarely last more than 1.5-2 hours
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9V batteries get eaten the only way I keep them for awhile is to take out the cables after playing.
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buy a power supply and daisy chain thing, its a good investment for that reason
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Yea if you keep the cables plugged in to the pedal then it is already using battery power.
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put a new battery in? if it was from '97 then its probably drained.

Tried that also, same thing. I pulled out my cable last night and my newest battery is still going.
Just buy a bunch of these along with a power bar.
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