Line 6 tone port and want a way to use it with audacity.
any help?

EDIT: Spelling
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Plug in - install gearbox - open audacity - hit record.
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Purchase Line 6 Riffworks, works a treat.
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I tried that, It doesnt mention audacity.

Does it mention a recording program?
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1. You don't have to feel the need to tell us you've edited spelling. Seriously, we'll guess, or we won't notice/care.

2. Does this really need two threads?
Does it mention a recording program?

It came with ableton live line 6 edition but I much prefer audacity.
All you need to do is open up Audacity and hit Ctrl + p and under the Audio I/O tab select Line 6 Toneport as the recording device....I love my tone port.
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