I'm really into buying a wah pedal soon, but I still can't decide which one... I would like to keep the price pretty low since I'm about to buy quite a few other pedals too this summer.
So from what I've heard the Vox v847A should be pretty good. (Any objections here?)
Now what I've also heard is that some wah pedals tend to "hurt your ears" when playing highs? I haven't really been playing on wahs other that testing one out at a friends house, so would someone mind explaining what those "highs" are all about?

Thanks in advance... Peeeaaaaace out
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just go to Guitar Center or a local music store and try some out I could tell you "Yeah dood teh Wlyde wah kicks @$$" but you mite not like it go try some out

Yeah, I guess. Problem's just that the nearest store is about 25 miles away, so I know I won't go there this week at least. But when I do go there, I thought it might be good knowing what pedals to try out, so if I reform my question alittle maybe...
Let's say I want a wah pedal good for playing solos á la Slash. You know, not those funk clean wah sounds, but the overdrive wah soloing, anyone have opinions in what to choose?
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Dont Get The Crybaby, Its Crap!

Hah, yea so I've heard. I'll keep that in mind
I object.

Do not get the Vox 847--it has little sweep, weak highs, etc. I don't really like it, but that's just me.
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The Vox wah is good for clean/funky/hendrixy kinda stuff, but not as great for higher gain stuff. I'm not so sure it'd do slash stuff for you, definitely try it out though. Also try some Morley wahs, most are good for the gainy kind of solo work. I really dig on my old morley switchless for rock.

Budget to spend?

Wah Thread?
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Budget to spend?

Hmm.. on the wah.. about 250$.

EDIT: Arrgh, forgot how cheap all your stuff is in America. So I guess you could say my budget is something around 150-175$ compared. Unless I buy the pedal on Ebay, then I guess I could even go on the more hefty, expensive ones.

Ah, thanks for the link!
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No reason you shouldn't get something really nice like an RMC or Fulltone then.

edit: Oh, nvm, lol, still a decent budget stay away from most lower end wahs though crybaby especially.
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