Okay, first of all, sorry if there's been a thread like this, I searched and didn't find anything. Also, if this is in the wrong forum, my bad.

I'm looking for a good song to play acoustically at my school's next open mic night. I've played at the last 5 or so and I'm running out of ideas. I'd like to play something newer, and it doesn't matter what type of song it is (genre, sound, electric vs acoustic) as I would end up playing it in my own style anyways. Some songs I've played are: Only In Dreams by Weezer, My Hero by Foo Fighters, and Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr. I'm just looking for some suggestions, whether it's a song or just an artist. Many thanks to anyone who helps me out!
alot of dave matthews stuff is cool. like warehouse or gravedigger
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inb4 ICumBlood.

i say some Brand New.
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eric claptons' somewhere over the rainbow, maybe the jeff buckley version of hallelujah
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Simple Man - Shinedown

Last time I played this at a show, the whole room sang it, and I just played it.
Right on, right on. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, at this point I think I'm leaning towards doing something by Brand New, maybe The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, but I'd still definitely be open to suggestions.