Hey guys,

So first a little bit of a boring backstory so you can see where I'm at. Basically, I'm a guitarist by trade, but recently (January) I filled on on bass in a mates band and I've become permenant! Actually really enjoy delivering the basslines so I'm sticking with it.

I started out with an Orange Crush 30B practice combo which I actually really like the sound of (for practicing obviously) and hiring what I think is an Ampeg 450H hooked up to an 8x10 Ampeg cab from our reheasal studio (it sounds great, really like the tone).

Now I'm going to start gigging with these guys and obviously I'm not going to be able to do so with a 30 watt pratice amp. Consequently I'm in the market for a bass amp I can gig with.

What I would really like as a head is an Ampeg SVT3-Pro, but it's a little bit pricey to be honest. For less cash I've found the GK700RBII head and it looks like a good bet. I've heard that the low end GK stuff is a bit pants, does this head fall outside of this category?

Is this a good choice of head for general rock/pop-punky/metal (i don't slap/pop) ? Or should I wait and try and pick up a used SVT3?

The second quandry is which cab to hook the head up to. I would use GK cabs, but to be honest, I haven't really seen any bassists playing through them (except flea, but that's probably down to him getting them for nout).

I was thinking of a 4x10 Ampeg HE or 4x10 HLF (I just don't think my back/arms could cope with an 8x10) with a view to adding a 1x15 or another 4x10 (are 2 4x10's the same as a single 8x10???) at a later date. Does this sound like a good idea or should I stick with the GK head to GK cabs (I hear you can only bi-amp the GK with GK cabs, though whether I'll ever need this or not I'm not sure).

Got a budget of about £1000 but would like to keep it below £900 if possible as I'd like to get a quarter pounder to chuck in the P-Bass from the same budget.

Any advice appreciated.

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i have always played and used ampeg for my main giging amp [ its a SVT 810 cab and a SVT classic all tube head and i love the tone ] but for my small practice amp i have a GK 210 combo and its awesome i have played through a GK 410 cab and really liked the tone but not as much as my 810 if i was you i would go with the SVT3 and a ampeg 410 cab but if you cant do that right now the GK head and cab should sound very good for you also
Well, GKs will sound completely different to an Ampeg. Ampeg are all tube bass head (high range ones anyway) and have a very classic rock and roll tone. You know if someone is playing through an Ampeg.

GK on the other had are SS (like the majority of bass amps). They are also fairly transparent for bass amps, giving your much greater flexibility in your tone.

Quite frankly, you are getting close on the range where you can get what you want. Try out a load if amps with your bass, and see which ones you like the best, regardless of cost. Don't be afraid to mix and match brands.

Then, once you have decided on the setup, simply save for it. If you get a rig your don't love for £900, you will regret it. Better to spend £1200 on a dream rig that you will love for years.
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Trace Elliot rack mount is the way to go !!!! I use a G12 pre amp with a QSE power amp rated at 400 watts useing a 400 watt Carvin 4-10 cab 8ohms!!!! this unit rocks hard you can add a rack tuner special effects rack mounts portable remove front/back one cord to the cab connect power cord your ready in seconds.