Hey. I live in Calgary (on centre street in the north), and I play guitar. I am versatile to any style but specialty is metal and rock. I am looking for a band to join or just people to jam with (vocals, drums, bass all needed lol)
yeah lol.. that sucks...

man, i wanna be in a band thats like unique, know what I mean? I mean so many bands doing the same old **** with same **** melodies/rhythm.. like i mean, i play everything, from ballads to heavy metal and when you combine both, you get kickass results... but alas, no people to jam with, hopefully there will be people in university (going to to uni this fall)
Dude im from Calgary... I would love to be in a band.. the thing is, I'd be too intimidated to play with anyone, I aint to good man... but I play guitar only, so you'll probably have no use for me. Plus, I live in the ghetto (n.e.), so would take a while.
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Calgary guitarist here

Iv been playin just over 3 years, Rhythym is my thing - not at a level to do lead. I live right downtown

I cover a lot of various stuff, and for my own I like to play Tool/Isis/Pelican/Kyuss kinda stuff

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I live in calgary and have been playing for nine odd years, I am pretty versitile in jazz, blues, tech metal, and experimental stuff. I could sing pretty descent and I can jam with pretty much anyone. I listen to alot of different stuff from all over but lately music has been pretty ****ty so i make my own.
im from calgary, always willing to jam and drink with fellow metalheads
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Hey what's up.. I'm a vocalist that just moved out to Calgary..seeing whats out here... anyone jamming?
i play bass, guitar (rythem or lead) and drums
im looking for people who like to jam or want to start a band
stuff like
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