well i just got done playing welcome home by coheed and cambria

what else should i learn all the songs i wana play too hard! lol

and no crazy crain or ACDC lol

final cut and just improv solos?
suffereing? feathers? no world for tomorrow? coheed songs (rhythm parts anyway) are all quite fun yet not too hard to play
thanks for the reply but i want to start to solo but i liek the songs tho i cant find a good Guitar pro for Feathers
the solo is piss easy for feathers, cobalt and calcium have good tabs, there's quite a few good power tabs running around the internet, and its free
Crazy Train of anything from AC/DC
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thanks for the request there jsut not what im looking for lol thanks tho anymore ?
common guys im really eager to start a new song but i cant learn anything i like

BFMV, All that remains,a7x ect but common guys name some good songs soo far your doing good