Does anyone know of good really unfound bands? (mostly noiserock, ambient, or just wierd generes)
set fire to flames is sorta underground... definitely fits the ambient genre though
Fight the machine.

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Moving Mountains (ambient post-rock stuff) very very good
Washburn X10
Yamaha EG 112
Crate VTX30
Yamaha GA-10
Animal Collective (not really unfound but definitley a good "wierd" band)
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Star Kings.
They're a great noise rock band.
"Excitement in music comes from tension in the beats. If you only offer the complex beat, people tend to only perceive it as a complex beat. If you offer the simple at the same time, there is the excitement, there is music." -Bill Bruford
Natural Snow Buildings
Silvester Anfang
Sun of the Seventh Sister

...for starters.
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Moving Mountains (ambient post-rock stuff) very very good

They sound good!