Okay, first of all, I double checked the FAQ before posting this. With that said, onto my n00by question..

So, I've had my second bass for a few months now (Ibanez SRX590) and it was about that time to change the strings. This was my first time ever buying new strings (my first had the stock strings on it for about eight months.. yeah, I know, don't look at me like that..). The Elixirs that were on it from day one felt pretty nice, but I figured I should probably try out some different string brands and see what speaks to me, not to mention no stores nearby sell Elixirs and they're pretty expensive anyway.

Given all I've heard, I thought the obvious place to start would be a set of Rotosound Swing Bass 66. I quite liked the tone of them (though in all fairness, I don't quite remember the tone of the Elixirs when they were new), but I can't stand how they feel at all. For starters, there's far too much scraping when I slide, and fingerpicking them was.. far from a joy. Too dry, too much friction. The more I play them the more they get a little more playable, but I think by the time they're as fast as my last set they'll be as dead at the eight month old strings on my first bass.

With that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement set? Are these things common for all stainless steel strings or just Rotosounds? I'm looking for something with the same, bright, trebley, metallic stringy sound of the Swing Bass strings but a little less dry/frictiony, less scraping noise when I slide?

Thanks in advance.
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DR Lo-Rider Strings are pretty bright, they start out extremely bright actually and last a decent amount of time.
They're about 25 odd bucks.
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That's a fact with all stainless steel strings. Some lose that feel quicker, because they die quicker. I love that feel, you know why? Because with stainless, you know you have a great sounding string if you have that feel. If you don't like that check out the Roto nickelwound strings, like the yellow pack or whatever other colours they have.
Rotos are incredibly bright. I just fitted Swing bass 66's on my p bass, after having last changed 6 months ago to my spare cheap set that i got off the internet.

Its not everyones thing. I like mine as i play raging metal and only raging metal (for the moment) and they give me tone i've been looking for. However they are very bright. Try Ernie balls for something less bright. Maybe some D'addarios.
I personally don't like rotosound's swing bass 66s much, but theyre the only non-stock strings ive tried. I can play them fingerstyle, but i dont like the initial brightness of them, but they get better with time. Also, just in case you live in Glasgow, id advise not getting your strings in McCormacks, as they try to sell rotosounds for about £30, while you can get them in Merchant City Music for about £15.

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I'm a fan of both blue steels and DRs. The Blue steels are probably the brightest strings I've ever played. After about 2 days of average play, they sound like wild sex parties. The DRs are like a broken in set of blue steels when you put them on, but last a long time at that brightness. Either would be good.

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