GC sells em cheaper. And their salespeople won't rip you off.
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I find that Sam Ash is cheaper, got my Les Paul for 100 less than what GC was selling it for, and my friend's brother got a Randy Rhoades Jackson V for like 579 or something, and I think it retails at 8 something. GC and Sam Ash generally have the same prices, but when you get a deal at Sam Ash, boy do you get a good one.
i like samash because of some of their prices....but gc has more of a selection of gtrs obviously.
round my area guitar center stores are confusing as hell to walk through but they ALWAYS have the cheapest prices...
Samash=ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, Fender, Dean some Gibson/Epiphone
GC=Gibson/Epiphone, Fender, Schecter, some Ibanez and Dean.

atleast in my area.....
I go to samash for my metal needs, and GC for everything else.

EDIT: whoops didnt answer question. I see them as equal in price. And Samash as Eastwood! :-)
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