has anyone ever been to a counsellor before and benefited from them? I've been told to go see one, but not sure if it is a good idea or not.
I know that people have benefited in the past.

If you're worried about the idea, maybe find a friend who you can talk to about everything and anything.
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I have anger issues. It's helped quite a bit actually.

I only swear a couple times, I am certainly less violent.

Wait..What do you have to go for?
I've been to a couple and found them to all be complete morons. However, if you're insurance will cover it (mine did) you should try going once or twice. You never know.
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It's worth to give it a try , just remember only you can take the important decisions in your life.
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i went to one last week and he was a douche bag.

Probably because he was doing his job and you were being an immature dick.
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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They help, but you can't become reliant on them.
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My best friend did. I can say it didnt do much for her.
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Yeah man, if you get the chance you should give it a try.

I went to one for a while, did wonders for me, so I hope you have a similar experience.
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I've been, but I quit. I think counseling can work...if you've got a good counselor, mine wasn't, so I gave up, but there's no harm in trying.
My old school's counselor was like a shrink, I went to see her for like a month or so, I had anger problems.
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Probably because he was doing his job and you were being an immature dick.

Careful where you're swinging those assumptions, sugar daddy.

Well, at my school, we have this weekend getaway thing. The whole purpose is to ease tensions between people and just have a better relationship with our year. It was mainly a seminar with our group of 10-15 people or so, but we all did activities together.

i thought it was really cool and it was a really good experience.
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I've started seeing one recently, although I haven't gone enough times to know if I'm benefiting from it or not. I agree with Spamwise, if someone has told you to go, you probably should.
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i went to one for about 2 years.

it was great, i came out more mentally stable then when i came in thats for sure.

and i got free coffee and lunch too.

it was awesome, my counselor would take me to cafe's and fast food places every week, and helped me with all my social anxieties and such.

it can't hurt to try, but you have to be committed with it.
It depends if you really want to have counselling. You've gotta help them if you want them to help you.