So i just started power chords, and i noticed my stumming hand is really slow, and gets tired after like a few minutes, and delays, so im going to ask how can i improve my strumming hand? I know the obvoius answer is "practice" and i am, im just wondering if theres a certain technique. My strap is at the right hieght for me, not wicked high but not wicked low eather. Also i just started power chords today, ive fooled around with them before though. thanks
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i thought power chords were all down strokes?

Nope, a lot of guys do downstrokes because it gives a more defined, crunchier sound. However, up and down strokes are both necessary knowledge, and a lot of parts will utilize this alternating motion.

Your problem is simply a matter of muscular endurance; you have to keep practicing until you're tired, wait for the muscles to rest and heal a bit and then repeat. They'll strengthen as they get used to the motion and repetition and you'll have more stamina.
":-D" Is right.

Down strokes give a better tone in my opinion when doing a slower song like smoke on the water, but when it's a faster song you waste to much energy using all downstrokes and then obviously a lot of songs are way to fast for just downstroking.
have a listen to iron maiden, the rythm of their songs is mainly powerchords and has a galloping feel to it, real quick, yes i can do it all downstrokes but by the end of the song my hand is wrecked, if you do alternate strokes its much better and a better rythm to it
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up strokes and down strokes are important. the power cords thing if you want to build up strengh waht i do is pick a power cord such as F. then strum up and down get faster do this for 5 min or so and do it everyday you get it usally.
True, power chords are mostly played with down strokes for consistency.
On the other hand, if you find that your right hand it's slow, there is a simple exercise. Play EVERYTHING you know (not only power chord, but all the exercises you know) with only UP strokes for a month (at least 15 minutes a day). This will reinforce the 'recoiling' motion of your hand that you use when you play down strokes and that is usually the weak part of the movement. After one month you'll be a lot faster.