Great guitar playing, too much gain in my opinion to have that Whosh feel, i like the rythm and use of the wah wah, solo could use a bit more action though nice transition after the solo. I also like how at some points its so suttle.


CAn you critique mine plz... It's a work in progress no where near as good as yours
i love this style of all crazy effects. Its so fun to play. It love the echo and distortion effects. I tend to do this sometimes too but try not to keep doing the same style of two guitars picking strings because its cool for about 20 seconds then you start to loose interest. Because when it changes it just sounds the same but with different effects. Maybe try have some chord progressions behind all of it?

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I quite enjoyed listening to this. Was definitley worth the two clicks.

That's all I have. I need to hang around R&R more, really.