i don't know much about the hardware of guitars, so when people talk about upgrading their guitars i get lost. i am about to buy a new guitar and would like to know what kinds of things most people upgrade when they get a new guitar. any help is appreciated
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i plan on buying an epiphone les paul

I'm getting the same guitar.
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Quote by bahb2121
i plan on buying an epiphone les paul

great choice for a nice upgrade. I recently bought an epiphone sg. before that i had a yamaha strat copy and it was falling apart. it sounded ok but my epiphone is a killer!
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just ordered this the other day

they say the neck pickup is kinda weak so i might upgrade to an EMG but i want to research the different ones, and i probably would take it to a shop to change it out because i dont know too mucha bout it but i think i might go with an emg 61/ emg80 set up.

but thats a lot of dough, i'm just going to play it as it comes for the time being
i have an epi LP and i'm content with the stock pickups, but if you put in some seymour duncans, like pearly gates, or a gibson burstbucker or two, you would have one screaming paul
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