I know a lot of theory with chords and scales etc. but I was wondering how to get that certain sound that you want. For example, writing a song in a certain key and switching keys and things like that, you want the song to be a certain type of music. my question is i wanna know how to write kind of progressisive rock, ambient music.
My only advice: play with tunings. I just wrote a song that uses this tuning:


And I used that along with a bunch of simple 2-fingered chords to write my song "Abandonment."

Not sure how successful it is on a regular basis, but for one song, it worked for me.
use time signatures like 5/4 or 5/8 and poly rhythms and mix it in with some interesting intervals and your well on your way
Hi JacksonStrings,

experimentation is the best way to explore new things.

one thing though-- this part of the forum is for posting original work only. There is a whole subsection for questions about songwriting and poetry writing etc. If you are dealing solely with the musical side, check out Musicians Talk but for the lyrical side, the Songwriting and Lyrics Techniques section is the place to go.

check the Rules and FAQ and stickies while your at it

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