so I wanted to get an MXR Distortion + since Randy used it.. sure the equalizer and the plexi are a big part of his tone but I'm slowly working up to it.. might as well start off with the basic pedals he used.
I want basically an overdrive with more kick since it can have a bunch of gain but if low can be more of a like overdrive.
but anyways..

with the distortion + does it change your bass and/or treble (since no tone knob)?
because I'd like to keep the same eq settings I have when I turn it on.. and adjusting the eq or the tone knob on guitar isn't the easiest to do when playing in the middle of a song.. so when you turn it on does it do much other then probably boost your mids or whatever?

if it does, what's the III like?
is it basically the same pedal?
or is it different?
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dude, the distortion+ and III are overdrive pedals. on theyr own they wont give you randy tone. you need a plexi in its highest gain setting (plexis dont have huge gain) and then kick the dist+ or II on top.

btw, this guy's review sucks, but it gives you an ides

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dude, if you set them low they work as overdrive pedals and if you put them up they are distortion.

did you read my post?
I said I know one pedal won't and that I planned on getting his other gear sooner or later like the plexi but I'm starting off with the cheaper stuff.

and lol at link you provided, notice at around 2:50 he mentions how it can be used as kind of an overdrive as well as a distortion.


but yeah anyone wanna' help me out before I buy it?
There are much better overdrive pedals. 70 bones is not going to get you a quality piece of gear. My experience with the MXR pedals is that the new one are no where near the tone of the originals that Rhoads used. Id spend a little more money and look into Fulltone and Keeley. Those are the best money can buy.
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I thought you were getting a mesa mark I cause you wanted santans tone?
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haha, I do but I kinda' have no way to get the money at the moment.

Getting a pretty decent pay job this summer though so I'm going to probably buy it then.

but then I liked Randys.

it's like I want everything o.O

maybe I'll just say screw Randy and just save up for the mark.. those things are supposed to be a good deal versatile to so that'd be nice.
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