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well, as some of you may know, my acoustic broke, im getting together funds for a new one, and in the process getting rid of some of my junk, i have a nintendo DS which i never play and am looking to sell, i took it in to gamestop today with two games, they said they would give me 25 bucks for the games and 60 for the gameboy. now heres my problem, since i want cash not store credit, they'll take 20% off of the trade in. so heres my question, which place has has a lower percent for cash instead of store credit?

EDIT: ebay isnt much of an option, i dont have an account, and i dont want to go through my brothers account.
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well the gamestore i work in trades in wiis for 120 store credit and 110 cash (pounds sterling btw) so fly over here and do it
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Craigslist FTW

I made $1400 selling/trading random stuff.

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