It's just another day in paradise
Play in the dirt before it rains
You say the mud would feel quite nice between my toes
But how do you know? We live in the same place

Two star crossed haters check into a five star cave
They got the dates mixed up, today there's no parade
Another day in paradise
Another game of charades

How many words must be spoken?
How many rules must be made?
We build up momentum and charge to break down the gates
But there are those who can't relate

How many hopes will be shattered?
How many years will be lost?
Another disaster, another flash back to the past
Should we enjoy life while it lasts?

Just put a smile on and act like you own the place
Memorize this word for word and you will be embraced
Learn to love obeying every single thing they say
Son, I promise, you'll be the best one day

Supplies are limited so stock up while you can
Dismiss the notion that we have a master plan
Just leave your life out on the windowsill to cool
I wouldn't take it, who do you think I am?