Just wondering what you guys thought of these. I've heard some good things about them, and they sounded pretty nice from what I heard on youtube. Just looking for some actual owners' opinions. I'm looking to upgrade a line 6 flextone XL 212, and I'm trying to fit this in the budget of 4-6 bills (used), as I'm also trying to upgrade my guitar.
I don't own any personally. I was looking at the combo's for a while, I enjoyed them. Didn't end up getting one only because I came across a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket (used) for $470, and that seemed more appealing.

From what I've heard, and from my own account, they're are very good amps and quite versatile, but not to great any anything. Like the Mesa Boogie Express series.

OOO your in Charlotte. I honestly wouldnt get a Bugera, even if they were proven reliable, they just look cheap. Check your messages btw.
they seem to sound good. they seem to look crappy. will they last? give it awile, they will either one, fail as a company... or two, fix their problems and become awesome and cheap (think b-52).

i know a dude whose got the 6260 i think, he loves it, i love it, but i personally wouldnt have one in my house until it was fully serviced and professionally checked for problems.
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OOO your in Charlotte. I honestly wouldnt get a Bugera, even if they were proven reliable, they just look cheap. Check your messages btw.

Checked my messages, saw nothing.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I don't mind the looks of them too much, as long as they sound good. What a lot of you brought up is reliability, so yeah, I'm definitely going to try and find some reviews on people regarding how well they hold up. I saw on their site that they're sold by Behringer dealers, and it gave me some locations, so I'll probably go check them out and see if they feel cheaply made.

Anything you guys would suggest in a price range of 400-600 used? Preferably a 2x12 combo. I've looked at a variety of amps, but I just have a tough time making up my mind. I've considered Peavey Classics, Fenders (Deville, Deluxe), possibly a 5150 (probably not, just because it isn't that versatile), a JCM 800, and was told that a Super Champ XD would be a wise investment until I could pick something up that was out of my current price range.

I just don't want to pick anything that I'm going to regret getting/want to replace, considering the expenses of day-to-day living these days.
Compared to my JSX, the Bugera equivelent looked and felt like a plastic toy.
MESA 412
I dunno, my combo is holding up pretty well (15+gigs so far, ranging from Jazz to Post Hardcore), and playing some decent sized shows (just played Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC with it. I even got compliments on the tone from loads of people and the sound guy. Never happened with any other amp I've owned. Do a tube swap on one and wow!

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