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The link is broken
But chances are if you're buying it from Samash or something, they're going to overcharge you (a lot of places take the less computer literate for granted and try and sell the same product but SAY it has different uses, just to jack up the price when really they're all the same)
Go to radioshack or wal-mart and you can find a USB for just a few bucks.
Bring the M-Audio with you, and you can be sure it fits too
Top link doesn't work for me.

Your device will have a hole that only one of these types of plug will fit

L to R they are: male micro USB, male mini USB B-type, male B-type, female A-type, male A-type

Ignore the female A type, it won't be that.

Looking at the hole on your device and the 4 possible ends, you should get ca cable that is male A type on one end (for your computer) and the type of your device on the other.

edit: sorry for the massive pic, it wasn't that size on the page.
From that pic it looks like I need a Male B to Male A cable? Could I just get one at like radioshack then?

Pic size is fine. I need to put my high speed cable (internet) to use anyway, right?
2008 Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Currently amp-less!

Fund My GAS
Monoprice.com has the best prices in my experience. Any generic cable will work...you have the most common with a square end. Here's an example.

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From that pic it looks like you need the Male B/Male A cable.

USB cables should be cheap as hell too, even the gold plated ones shouldn't be that expensive.