i play the guitar and i always thought i would get into the bass eventually

anyways, i picked one up at the store the other day and played it and it vibed like no tomarrow; i hated it. I hated it because of how it shook and how the neck vibrated

did i just play a ****ty instrument or what? (some knockoff brand not a fender)
Yeah, basses shouldn't really vibrate when you play them. Unless you completely hammer on the thickest string.

EDIT: Well, I guess they vibrate a little bit, but not enough to really notice or bother. Pretty much the same way a trumpet or saxophone vibrates.
Vibrate as in "feeling the rumble" or vibrate as in buzzing?
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Vibrate as in "feeling the rumble" or vibrate as in buzzing?

was the neck mainly felt terrible shaky but

ill give it another try maybe play it softer with amplification and just thustrokes
Try the thing finger style, you may be hammering that thing too hard
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Do you have any idea what bass it was?
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if your a guitarist, Your gonna notice the vibrations alot more than a bass player - Basses ARE meant to shake more than guitars, cos there's more mass on the strings, there's more momentum when their plucked to shake the body. Also the fact that the frequancy is lower means it translates better through substances, for example, your own body. Another example of this is when you're standing outside somewhere playing loud music, and all you can hear is the bass rumbling, because the lower frequancies transfer better through the walls of the building.
^ Wise man there, anyway once you buy a bass eventually you just get used to little things like that, but try some other types and makes first to see if that is a bad one as fender copies usually aent that great.
Most all guitars, and especially basses, will have a resonant frequency at certain notes. If it does it all the time though, it's a piece o' crap.