I just ordered a pair of black plastic humbucker pickup covers and will be putting them on my Ibanez RGT42FX. These covers will just pop on top of the pick ups, right? Since they are not metal wax potting will not be necessary I assume?

Here is a picture of the covers:

And a picture of the pickups the covers will be put on:
Hmm... I was told the plastic covers do not alter the magnetic field. I would assume the metal ones would mess with the tone a great deal.
I would assume that plastic is non magnetic.
Status: Taken.
Yeah if it's plastic it shouldn't mess with it. If it did why would pickups ever come covered? I suppose the things would just snap it, I'd just put them in then if you notice a difference take them off, sound's always are more important than looks. But like I said I don't think if they're plastic they'll make any difference at all, but that's total speculation.
the only thing that would affect your sound is having to lower your pickup a bit maybe. But you shouldn't see any or much of a different at all... If they are a snug fit it should be fine, but might need to find some way to make it adhere to the pickup.

but usually those things are made to be snug, you should be fine
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