okay when you form chords you use the tonic, major third and perfect fifth right?

for example for a c chord:

c e g
1 3 5

but what about all the other notes that c has??? for example check out this link and see all the notes that it has http://www.guitar-lessons-central.com/image-files/c-chord-open.gif. and how you know how many c's to put, or e's or f's im really confused how do you do it??!?!
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A c chord is constructed with the notes CEG as you know. Now its a matter of "voicing" it on the guitar. Obviously the guitar has more than 3 strings, so if we want to utilize all 6 strings we end up doubling notes. So for that C chord in your example the notes are voiced: C E G C E. That is just 1 of many voicings.

As you learn new chord shapes, try to learn where each note is in the chord. Then you will get a better understanding of how to voice chords on the guitar. Keep in mind there are no rules really. A C chord is CEG. It doesnt matter if its voiced C E G or E G C or C G C E G C .... or whatever. Just learn the common shapes, and the notes in them, and you'll do fine.
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you mean ...like the B note in the C maj scale ?

it's just every other note

>C E G B D F A


or this ?
The open E note on the top and bottom E string
and the open G note on the G sting of the open C chord.
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