Hey dudes i really need a alright amp for practiseing well i get my big marshall sent down south. you see i have 150 that broke and i just want a small practise one that sound really nice.

I have a Schetcher C-1 classic and American tele and i like to play grunge , Rock, Metal. Anywere from Nirvana, to Metalica Ozzy the Tragically hip Radiohead Red Hot chilipeppers Soad and alittle messing around with beatles but yeah i need a amp under 350$ or close to there if you help you are god lol thanks
I've heard VOX amps are good. Maybe you should check them out.
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A good, fairly cheap versatile amp is the Peavey Valveking 112.
Good cleans, overdrive, and distortion.
It goes for $400 though.

KY bourbon brings out the best in me, what can I say?

But yea I second the VK. GC will likely give you a discount too if you act like you're unsure about spending money THAT DAY. They always seem to throw deals at me when I do that haha.
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KY bourbon brings out the best in me, what can I say?

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you see you guys i live in an isolated place killer up north so i cant go to a guitar shop but my buddys goign to edmonton so he bringing down my amp and piking me up a new one for under 350 so im geting your opioin on which kind and hopeing you pick a quality amp lol