Hello. First off why are taylor so expensive? Secondly I am in love with their necks, and I am wondering where the all solid wood Taylors begin. Thanks for any help
Good guitars with good craftsmanship and good material will cost money, that's just the way it is.

All-solid models begin at 300 series for Acoustic-Electics. For straight Acoustics, G*3 models are the least expensive ones.
^--That, to my knowledge is correct. The 200 series used to have solid sapele back and sides but that was changed to laminate rosewood back and sides in 2007 I think.
pre-2007 200 series taylors were solid wood. so right now... the 300 series is the first solid wood acoustic electric line.

Taylors are a bit more expensive because...
1. they've built a reputation so they put their prices a bit higher
2. they do indeed build good guitars.
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Don't get anything below a 300 series. I can afford a presentation series, but got a 300 for various reasons. This way, I wont' freak out if I get a little nick or scratch in it, it plays the same and sounds damn near the same to me. It also has the same ES pickup system, so there's almost no difference when gigging with it.
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