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Me and a friend are looking to record/perform, at the moment it is just the 2 of us (2 guitars and 2 mics). But when we play it just seems like a wall of sound.

Can anyone advise of what equipment we need and what would be advised.

I take it we would need a further speaker/amp with a mixer attached?
It may sound like a stupid question to some of you, but we are new to this side of things so please understand this.
Have not recorded anything at the moment - as we don't have the equipment. Just looking for advice on what equipment (software/hardware) we would need to enable us to practise/record at a decent level.

Any help appreciated.
You don't need any speakers or amps to record, those are for live sound and stages.

You should look into an audio interface which is used with your computer.
you need one with 2 instrument inputs and 2 XLR mic inputs.

Thing is I don't know of any interfaces which provide this and record them separately...
Your best way to record in a studio setting (even home studios) is to record each instrument one at a time. You can also double record one guitar to give it a fuller sound.

So if you can record each instrument one at a time you should be good with something like the line6 toneport or Mackie Onyx Satellite interface.

What budget are we dealing with here?
Not got an assigned amount of cash to spend - just looking to spend as little as poss and see how we go.

Am I better to go for a proper recorder or will software do just as good a job??
Well a recorder (Multi Track Recorder) is made to record on location away from a computer. These units are fairly high in price for what they do and only the high end units are as good as a computer based setup IMO.

Software such as Audacity alone will not do anything. It only allows you to control your tracks and mix. The interface (hardware) is the piece that gives your quality when inputing the audio to the computer.

You need an audio interface and software for a computer based setup and in my mind, this is the best way to go.

The line6 Toneports are nice for the price range. Theres also the m-audio fast track pro for around $100. The m-audio and line6 products are just about the same in terms of quality.

With a UX1 toneport you should be able to record 1 guitar and 1 mic at a time keeping them seperate. It doesn't have 2 XLR jacks though so you will need to record one mic at a time.

The Toneports were made to DI your guitar into so you would not need to use your amp or pedals but you can disable the amp and FX modeling in GearBox which only sounds ok in the first place...and use your actual amp and peals to get the tone you want.

The nice thing about Gearbox is it has a few vocal FX presets that sound fair.
What microphones specifically? What you may be experiencing is microphone bleed. This could be solved, among other things, by isolating the amplifiers with some wood, or purchasing cardioid-patterned microphones like the SM57. You may also be playing too damn loud for recording.

As for interfaces, if it's just two microphones, an Art Dual Pre ($99) will do well...giving you a chance to analyze the sound through headphones and eventually monitors. Just plug it into the computer, then plug the microphones to it. It can adjust levels through easy to access knobs.
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