Hey this is still early, and havent got a chorus yet. Il prob ad some more later. Please tell me what you think, positive or negative

You see me as a different man
to how i truly am
in your eyes im
the luckiest man alive
but im far from it
if you only knew
the real me
you would see
how wrong you are

Its hard to believe
that i can deceive you all
im just a kid, in a mans body
Im not ready for whats in store

You dont know what its like to be me
your flawed opinions
have left you jealous of me
i cant help but laugh
for i feel the same

You dont know who i am
or what im about
so dont judge me

It's quite mallcore sounding.
And the whole 'kid in a man's body' thing brings Lenny from Of Mice and Men to mind. Which is creepy.

Like I said, very mallcore.