can someone reccomend some good ones? particularly ones with some earlier seasons of the ultimate fighter and ufc events but any will do. I had been using watchtvsitcoms.com but it hasnt been working on my computer lately. I dont think this counts as posting or requesting links to illegal downloads because as far as I know streaming tv shows doesnt count as copyright infringment after a certain amount of months but maybe im wrong, if i am wrong, pm them to me please , and let me know and ill delete this thread.
thats a good site, thanks man. If anyone has any other sites that I definatly should not go to please post them or message them to me. thanks again.
Sidereel.com is the best I've ever managed to find.
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there is a site I recommend you NOT to visit called surfthechannel.com. :O

Care to elaborate mush? Iv used stc for a while with no real adverse probs.
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Thats good stuff guys thanks heaps, any others would still be greatly appreciated, I have alot of time to kill in the next few weeks