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So, after doing research upon the guitar I would like to buy (Under $600AUD, mostly playing metal but some clean stuff too) I figured that the amount of choices I have from Jackson to Ibanez to Fender to ESP/LTD, I'm just going to walk into my favourite store and pick up and play.

The issue is that I haven't been playing very long, and I can't properly tell a good guitar from a bad one. My current Squier Strat still plays reasonably well to my tastes, but I have this feeling I can push my limits harder with a better guitar.

So, what should I be looking for? Not model / brand wise, but when I pick up a guitar in my price range and "test" it out somehow.
Well I can't offer too much advice but if you ask to play the guitar, play it with distortion and see how easily you can do a pinch harmonic. This is a good gauge of the "strength" of the pickups as higher gain pickups should allow you to perform pinch harmonics easier and the clarity of the pinch harmonic will also give you an idea about the strength of the pickups. And since you are going to be playing metal on it I suppose you would use pinch harmonics often and would need higher gain pickups. Hope this helps!
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Hey man, just got one recently.

At Macron Music, Tuggerrah, I bought an Epiphone SG and a case for about $500. It's in your price range and a beautiful guitar man, it's gonna be with me for years to come.

Hope that helped.