so a few months ago I was looking for a guitar to learn on and couldn't figure out what I wanted so I went electric since there pretty common. eventually found out that it wasn't the sound I wanted so now I am looking for a good acoustic to learn on. My roommate has a full size dreadnought and its too big for me to get comfortable with so I need something a bit smaller. any suggestions? also I am liking picking more than strumming if that makes any difference in what I should get. not really looking to spend more than 250 USD. thanks in advance for your help.
try the Fender CD 60. i got one and i love it.. got it for almost $200 which is a very good price for such a nice guitar
gd luck
hmmm... that thread TokyoNeko linked to is a great resource with a lot of good information in it. definitely read through the thread. the guitars in that thread are all dreadnought body style though, so i don't know that they will fit exactly what you are looking for. i do recommend reading the thread anyway because it will give you a great foundation on knowing what to look for in an acoustic guitar.

here are some that i turned up browsing musiciansfriend.com:


now i can't say that I've played any of these guitars except the Alvarez AF60S, so it's hard for me to recommend any one in particular. these are just a few models i saw that i think fit what you are looking for. a few of them are a tad above your price range, but they are all under $300.

i cannot compare the Alvarez AF60S to any of these other guitars obviously, but I will say that I think it's a fine guitar. and i'd be willing to bet that the Yamaha I linked to above is a great guitar as well.