At the state of the world now I'm not really surprised

But that is just awful, sick fuckers.
Go over there and make sure it doesn't happen in your unit.
''Technological advancements are like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.'' - Albert Einstein
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The moral is never accept help from anyone.


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You keep seeing songs like KoC, SMBH, and Hysteria showing up on games, but I want Micro Cuts on either Rock Band or Sing Star. I want to see numerous masses of kids staring at the tv wondering what the hell they're supposed to do.
i had already lost faith in humanity before reading this, now, i dont know why i even had faith in the first place
quite honestly with the events of the past seven or eight years I feel that the world is gearing up towards world war three and this time it ain't the germans getting nobbled for a change....
now we know why the ameri****s are always trying to get peacekeepers in every country there is
that is disgusting. you can't help much when you are causing more problems for people.
Wow....what the ****...wow...
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If I was Santa you'd all get shit for Christmas.
That reminds me, there was a case in the news here today, of a high school/secondary school student (13-15 years old) working part-time in a daycare senter, who was sexually abusing the kids there. Probably nothing very serious, but it was just as disgusting nonetheless.

Some people really are going down the ****ter.
I'm a communist. Really.
The three people being sacked for having sex with 17 year olds is BS.

The abuse of children, those people should go down for a LONG time.
What do you mean with "now"? It was always like that.


Its always been awfully ****ed up.
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