In this thread we will share the best face-palm moments that never actually happened, but would be hilarious if they actually did.

Say them in the past tense as though they actually occurred.


In grade 9 we could sign up for the school athletics carnival by writing our name on sheets on the wall in the gym. There would be different sheets for boys/girls, different grades and different events.

I told my friend Peter that I was going to put myself down for a few, and he asked that I write his name down for the same ones (as I was entering pretty much all of them). I went and did so, however for Javelin not only did I put down 'Peter Hodge' (his name) I also wrote down 'Peter York-Oxbig'. Then I kind of forgot about it.

On the day we were about do compete in javelin and the teacher, Mrs. Roberts, was reading out all the names, doing a roll call to see who was there. She read;

"Peter Hodge. Peter you're c0ck's big".

Hilarity ensued.
I thought this was going to be a thread where we could talk about stupid things we just avoided doing. But no, it's a bullshitting competition. Count me out. (Although that would've been funny had you actually done it).
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That was not written in the present tense.
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