I've nailed my next amp down to these two models: Roland Cube 30x and Vox ad30vt xl. I tried them out yesterday. I've not quite decided yet, but I have to say that round one went to Roland. I liked a couple of the vox' channels but the amp seemed kinda complicated to use. I'm going to give it another shot though because I was kind of set on getting the valvetronix as the demos I heard on youtube were really good I thought. I've owned a microcube before and I liked it....but I was kind of looking forward to something different and the cube30x is just a bigger version of the microcube. This is a hard decision for me because even though the amps are both dirt cheap, I've got kids and its hard to fit into the budget. Help me decide please!!
IMO the XL is dire in comparison to the regular silver grill valvetronix, youre deffiantely better off with the Cube, much better modelling, and a much nicer clean channel. Good cleans on the XL are practically non existant and there are far too many high gain settings and most of which are sterile and fizzy sounding anyway.
yeah, for hard stuff go with the cube, i have a cube 20x and it rocks. i especially like the metal stack, i use it for riffing(i use this setting when i play death metal), for solos the metal setting rocks. i also like the r-fier model, though i dont have it on my amp. so go with the cube for harder high-gain stuff.