Well as you all have experienced before, when you first start out the tips of your fingers become sore when you practice but after a while your skin strengthens and it stops hurting.

My question is, how long does it take before your fingers stop being sore ?
Not long, took me about 10 days of playing about 45 minutes a day. A lot of my friends quit in the first week cuz it hurt so much, but if you can make it through the first 10 days-2 weeks, you're good!
They will never stop being sore, they'll just get more resilient. The skin will constantly be getting stronger. However if you play when it hurts you risk getting friction scarring, which will hurt forever, and hinder your guitar playing. You will get used to the blisters though, so don't worry. It can take a good few weaks of solid playing to build up callouses, but even when you have callouses that doesn't mean that your fingers can't damage.
If it hurts, just stop playing until the pain goes away. The pain is your body telling you to stop.
play till your fingers bleed, or untill you get caluses and they stop being sore ,depending on how much you play, after about 2 months
Please dont listen to this person.

I experienced sore fingers like Im sure everyone else here did to when first starting.

When it got to the point where it hurt so bad I couldnt practice properly, I TOOK A BREAK.

Simple. Effective.
taking a break once in a while is indeed good advice. but pain is pretty much what you should expect when you're starting out. so just stick through it.
Stick with it. If the pain ever persists enough to where you can not practice efficiently and properly. Then stop. It just takes time to get used to.
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Go till you can't take it anymore. Right now I'm learning to tap on a classical guitar and it hurts like a bitch but I've only been at it for like 2 days and I can already feel my fingers getting stronger. Use moderation so you don't take breaks too soon or too late.
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It depends on how much you play.
Suck it up, keep playing and everything will be ok.
wtf, my fingers never hurt when i started, the skin kinda peeled off and then hardened but never hurt
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um it depends!! altogether i've been playing for about 8 months on acoustic...but at the start i practiced non stop...after school i'd practice like for 3/4 hours and on a weekend i pratice nearly all day....i know what you're thinking...i probably don't have a life but it's worth it cos i love playing =D
btw, like everyone else has said...stick with the pain then your fingers will get stronger...etc!
play till your fingers bleed

No. Play 'til it hurts, and when it does give it a break, pain exists for a reason...

Answering the initial question, somewhere between a week and a month for me. But I can't really remember when I learn to ignore it as compared to it actually stopping to hurt.
Your fingers will always hurt if you play A LOT at one time, but after about a good month's worth of playing, they'll toughen up quite a bit and your calluses will be able to make the pain go away for the most part.
When I first started playing it took me about a week or to to get my calisus. I pratice about 3 hours. A day so if you pratice at most 30 minuets count on sore fingers going away about 4 months.
just keep practicing. my fingers always have callus cause i really play the **** out of my guitar. it looks as if i poured candle wax on my fingers cause they're so shiny lol.
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dont take breaks just giver dude. comon it doesnt hurt that much people.

Actually, it does

Thanks for the tips everyone Currently on my break till tomorrow lol, no other choice, my old assed string snapped so im going to buy a new set tomorrow. Does a guitars strings change the sound at all or not ? :p if yes, any recommendations ? lol
hmm..ive been playing for two years and mine still hurt from time to time
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When I started I didn't even own a guitar, I just hung out in guitar center playing in the acoustics room for about two hours per day, reading books and playing along with them. On some days I realized I wasted gas going there because my fingers were so sore I couldn't play more than 10 minutes. After about alittle less than a month I moved out of the acoustic guitar room, and over toward the electric guitars, now that my playing was at least bareable and I wouldn't get stares from the metalheads that knew what they were doing.

A book I read suggests using Aloe lotion on your sore fingers to help the pain go away faster, never tried it though, maybe it'll work for you though.
I'd also suggest getting your hands on an acoustic guitar (NOT BUYING ONE) and practicing for about a week on that one, because it's known that acoustic guitar strings aren't as soft as electric guitar strings, and they're harder to push down, and I think it would make a good exercise.

I think it took me about a week or two for little calluses (I think) to develop and the pain to go away, and today, about 2 months later I don't see any calluses, but my fingers are like...umm....numbed to the pain, and tougher. They still get sore from time to time, I think they always will but now I can go like 3 hours without having to stop from the pain.

However, I always use a pick now, cause no matter how long I keep doing it, using my thumb gets blisters in 10 seconds. I know I'll have to eventually develop that....later.

I wish you luck brave newbie XD

As for the strings, I'm pretty sure it says on the back of the box a meter of warmness to brightness.....not that I completely understand what that is. Might just wanna ask the music store guy.
I started out playing a steel stringed acoustic. And for three weeks it hurt like hell. Seriously. I could barely write. Then I bought an electric, and my brother bought a nylon stringed acoustic and I found out that they were much lighter to play, and that in the three weeks I had played the steel stringed acoustic I had developed so much hardened skin on my fingers it didn't hurt at all.
That's not really an answer to your question, but it kinda is. I don't know. It takes a few weeks.
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I took guitar back up around 3 months ago. So my fingers were like pure little virgins again.

Things were hurting pretty good after the first few days and I backed off anytime I was starting to form a blister.

After that I wasn't getting any pain anymore, but I started to get this HUGE callouses. So big I had to file them down, because they were catching on crap.

That sort of chilled out, but the callouses were still bothersome in that I couldn't feel much with my fingertips (think flipping a page in a book)

Now about 3 months later, the callouses aren't super thick (annoying). I have most of the sensitivity back, and my fingers are never sore when I play. I normally play about 1-2 hours every couple days.
I never felt pain, and I've played for an average of 2-3 hours a day for 6 months.
And I've got really sensitive, fair skin.

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