aj-500r or dr-500r ...i played both and they sound great .. now i cant decide .. what do you guys think .. im going to go purchase it today when the store opens . thanks
i went ahead and got the dr-500r .. =D .. i like it better visually than the aj-500r .. as i find the sound n both of them to be similar
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Good choice -- congrats!

thanks !! .. im excited myself .. its a nice upgrade from my fg730s .. which i still love but i exchanged it for this .. i couldnt believe sam ash let me exchange it .. i had it for 41 days already . lol .. hooray for samash
yah masterbilts are great the only one i didnt like was the mohagany version of the AJ it was just very quite the Dreadnought version was quite to but in a good way, it had its own unique quality.
I dont know but it just seems to me that the EF series are really really good, they just out do the other two, very balnced, great full rich sound, nt to rich but just perfect i played the R.