this is a song i wrote for a special person in my life, yes im aware that my playing is kindof sloppy
here it is:
of course this is C4C

id also like to thank all the UGers in the pit who helped me with pictures for the slideshow, they were very helpful!

Edit: i also want to dedicate this song to Grundy, your words really helped write this song, and ecstatic about your recovery!
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also this is proof that i CAN get a good tone out of my Fender amp, despite popular belief
yeah maybe, although i play that riff on the high e/b strings on the low frets, so more vibrato is kindof difficult that close to the nut
Thanks for the crit. This is some very sweet stuff. Nice melodies, nice little fills, you let go in style and it's not over the top. Also it's recorded very well. Overall it's a really nice piece. Well done.
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im not very pleased with the monster lick in the breakdown, that was a bitch to try and harmonize, but thanks!
Cool song, the intro guitar is a little loud in the mix compared to the drums and other stuff. There is some pretty sweet shredding in the solos, I really dugg that. Not much else I can say really, my only issue was with that loud intro guitar. Overall good work, keep it up!

P.S. Thanks for the crit on my thread!
Hey dude, i really liked the song! i didn't mind the tone at all, it fitted well, the i liked the more bluesy and softer part, and also the harmonies. You are a pretty skilled player, maybe somehow sloppy in some parts of the faster sole, but i am not that fast , i liked the descending shred at about 3:06 but there were some that didn't sound just that good as some old slower leads
pretty much a 9.5/10 man C4C?