Was just wondering which one will give a better recording & sound quality. (With a laptop n audacity)
1) A zoom g2 plugged into the mic-in with a mono cable


2) A zoom g2.1u using the usb to connect.
what i do, owning a g2 myself, is use the usb. its much more direct and if you make your custom effects like me and want it to sound best, use the usb, it will be much more articulated
Umm how do u connect ur zoom g2 using the usb? it doesn't have a usb port rite
The Zoom G2.1U has a USB connection:

USB connection is by far the better way to go between the two choices but also be aware that there are "true" audio interfaces out there...many for a fair price too.

running audio into a cheap on board sound card which was never made to record will destroy your audio quality and going though the cheap preamp of the mic port wont help much...it may also clip quite a bit.

The Zoom USB acts something like an interface.....a cheap one, but one that works.
I have the 2.1u, and the recording quality is pretty good, though the clean is real weak.
so if i were to get a zoom g2 (not g2.1u) it wouldnt be good for recording rite?
I recorded this with the Zoom G2.1u
It's a 34 minute mp3, my friend played guitar and I turned knobs to achieve different sounds and explore the potential of the G2.
http://www.4shared.com/audio/WVTXbxWO/ZOOM_G2_Jam_Guilherme_Calgaro.ht ml

Pretty good audio quality.


07:55 SRV "Lenny"
12:00 SRV "Testify"
13:00 Satriani "Train Of Angels"
15:00 Black Sabbath "Neon Knights"
16:20 Super Nintendo sounds
18:20 Rush??
20:20 Pink Floyd "Money"
23:24 Digital Fuzz farting
24:00 Hendrix "Red House"
25:00 Hendrix "Voodoo Chile"
29:30 Dire Straits "Money For Nothing"
30:15 Satriani "Trumdrumbalind"
32:20 Kotzen "Bad Things"

#1 is what we call line-in. Guitar isn't a line-level signal. Recording that way will give harsh icky results. Not good.. #2 works the same way as it does with an interface (though a proper interface would do the job better. this is still okay) and is the correct way to record. The results will be much more acceptable and decent.

If you're just looking for a way to record then neither is the best option. Getting a decent audio interface (100-200 dollar price range) will be the best bet and then using guitar vsts for your tone. It'll sound better than any Zoom pedal out there.
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