I'm ASSUMING im posting in the right place here, as ive had issues with posting in the wrong forum before.
Which i apologize for.
Now then, Ive been having problems wuth my wah pedal, i dont THINK anything is physically wrong with it, but it kind of sounds like straight crap.
It has no body to it. When I play w/out the wah, i get a nice, full bodied tone with great low end etc. etc. But as soon as click the wah pedal on, the tone goes to hell and it sounds all nasally and thin and all treble and no.... anything really.
Remedies, suggestions?
Maybe the battery is dying. Try putting in a brand new one and see what happens.
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I use an adapter
And its a Dunlop Crybaby, not sure EXACTLY what model, but its definitley NOT one of the signature ones, its just a normal one
I have the amp on a clean channel, and my setup is guitar>dist.(on low gain)>OD(on low drive)>wah>amp
Ive experimented w/ the placement of the wah but its more or less the same w/ever it goes
hmmm not sure, i think i have the same pedal as you, i'v had this problem, if i have it

GUITAR---FX PEDAL---WAH----AMP i get the problem your having and also at the top end it gives my horrible feedback!

so i have it set up

GUITAR--WAH---FX---AMP and always have the amp on clean cus of my fx pedal.

if you have other channels on your amp maybe set up one just for the wah so you get the effect you want, and then use another for normal playing. The output also could be to do with how your guitar is set up and the pic ups used, if i play through my synyster custom i get a beefy sound, then through my gibson its less beefy but still sounds right bit like slash i guess....?

I also find if i turn the amp up i get a better result from the wah!

i moght need new pickups too
but thats a different story
ill have to try the channel thing
and i never really thought to turn up the amp lol