What songs do you know that are totally different from the bands normal style?

I'll start with 'Love Song' by AC/DC on the Australian version of High Voltage, it's a slow, slushy, acousticsong with lyrics like 'When you smile I see stars in the sky' unlike the normal rocking AC/DC.
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Dawn over a new world by dragonforce. it's...SLOW!! =O
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Metallica's Orion. Really, only by a few things I could say it was Metallica, but it sounds so... different to me than all other stuff ó.o.
Tool-Maynard's Dick
Pure simple,funny song
Dream Theater-You Not Me
Very poppy and nothing spectacular in the solo
"Money" by Pink Floyd. The change from 7/4 to 4/4 is great.

EDIT: Oh, also "Bring it on home" by Led Zeppelin, interesting change from a typical bluesy motif to typical Led Zeppelinesque riff
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