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This is the thread were you post your song.
And ONLY your damn song.

Please, do not use this thread for general chitchat regarding this competition, or for discussing the songs posted.
Please do that in the signup thread.

The Genre is Melodic Metal/Melodic Death Metal.
Even if your song doesn't ESACTLY follow this genre, it's not the end of the world.
It's more of a theme than a rule.

Submission entries close on 10th of June.
After the 10th would judges please post all of their ratings in one post in THIS thread please.

Now get writing Bitches! *whip-crack*

A few good examples of popular Melodic Metal/Melodic Death Metal;

In Flames
At The Gates
Dark Tranquility
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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Alright, definitely not my best work, but I already had been writing this.

Lengthy, lots of acoustic passages.
T&C Competition,
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I wrote the intro and first verse months and months ago and found it today while going through old guitarpros. I liked it, and it sounded pretty melodic metal-esque to me (actually influenced by the band "3").

Acoustic and Solo parts are in Open Dm tuning. This song turned out better than I expected; I wasn't even gonna do anything for this one because I hate melodic metal. I think it's pretty decent.

Also, I kinda stole the bridge from a Deathcore song I wrote a while back (and never finished), so if we have a deathcore competition later and I decide to continue that tab for it, it'll explain the "I feel like I've heard this before" feeling, haha.

Oh, also! The acoustic/verse/slow parts sounded better at 72 bpm and the distortion/chorus/faster parts sounded better at 160 bpm. The tempos didn't really mesh well, and I couldn't figure out a way to make them, so I sacrificed the distortion/chorus/faster parts' speed and put them at 144 bpm (same as double 72 bpm) to make the song flow at the same speed. If certain parts feel like they should be faster, meh, you'll live.

Newest version uploaded on: June 9th
To Carthage Then I
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So this seems to be my 2nd try at a melodic death metal song. I hope i met the standards hehe. I think it sounds kickass, Theres alot of instruments cus of the harmonies , The volume for the bass and also panning for most of the guitars .
I actually drew up a vocal line. Dunno if we get judged on lyrics too so let me know if u want me to post them aight.

Happy Listening
As it Burns We Light Up (Melodic Death Metal).zip
Click My Library to see what I've written

My Library
So here's mine

Went more for melodic metal, not a big fan of DM here.
There's some good songs already in the competition, hope mine is better :P

GL to everyone!

EDIT: Did some minor changes (Forgot to put the copyrights :P and forgot a note somewhere in the outro). That's why I changed the zip.
T&C Metal (Darktom666).zip
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So yeah, this is my newest one, although, I wish we'd had longer then we did to compose something but whatever.

Wanted to write something that was pretty catchy but also dramatic and dark so I hope it came out good.

And oh yeah, b101 gave some ideas to help me finish writing the second half of the first solo, so I hope I don't get disqualified or anything, I just wanted to give him thanks for doing so.
T&C comp
here we go.


gonzaw. if anything, it is melodic.
it's kind of clear. that my piece starts off rather melodic; then turns into technical death metal.
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Here are my submission

I call it 'Retarded Cactus'

I believe it are good

Forgot mentions:

Vocal line is mainly to show why some parts are so long

Some parts had vocal lines but it didn't sound good in GP so I took em out

Some of the fading at the end doesnt work right, not my fault, but it sounds pretty good still

I also didn't plan for it to be almost 5 and half minutes, if anything I was worrying it would get to the 3 mark...
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This is my song, not exactly Death Metal, but very melodic.

Happy Listening
Dream and
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please check out my own album:
Here mine...I think its pretty good, but Im sure a lot are better than mine.

Also, I hope its melodic metal/melodic death metal enough :P It should be
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Hope i made it in time, my first try, not expecting to do that great, but what the hell might as well give it a shot

EDIT-Hopefully uncorrupted file.
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Hi there, there's the final product of my hard work. It may suck in many ways, sorry for that, but i had an aweful mental block. Did my best for the drums, I create beats for the 1st time in my life.

Hope someone enjoys it.

And yeah! Want to tell you something...


All rights reserved to the creator, a.k.a. me. Do not copy it or sell it under any circumstances. It's only for the contest!


P.S. The genre of this must be something between - Progressive/Thrash/Heavy/Neo-Classical and Hard Rock I just experimented and tried to mix some different ideas in it... It's still metal, so what the heck
Nuclear Sunrise (UG Comp).zip
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Right - first a little disclaimer:

I will happily go more in depth about my crits if you want - feel free to message me or whatever concerning them. Basically I've given my main impressions as a number on its own doesn't really mean that much. Oh and also, if you think something I've said is wrong - you really like that section of your song or whatever, keep it! It's just my opinion, and to be honest, I'm not a metalhead - my preference is more progressive rock...but anyway these are just my suggestions. Your opinion is the most important.



Good: Strong acoustic work throughout - just a shame it's MIDI
Bad: Jerky transitions - sounds occasionally like you've just thrown odd riffs together.



Good: Nice Acoustic main theme, especially like bar 20 - very reminiscent of Green Carnation. The ending of the solo as well was excellent
Bad: The bridge just sounds a bit off to my ears and the levels could use a bit of work



Good: Excellent intro, especially impressive tempo change, Bar 98
Bad: Distorted riffs get a bit repetitive, mix it up rather than always using a pedal tone


Jonathan Trejo:

Good: Riff 1 is excellent and most of your general ideas are good.
Bad: Generally there's just too much going on - it's all a bit overwhelming. Less harmonies would actually be better for a lot of this. Bridge 2 - no idea what the lead guitar was doing here - far too chromatic.



Good: The bass throughout is excellent and adventurous. Most of your lead guitar is very strong as well
Bad: Solo wasn't bad but could be better - have a look at the phrasing and try not just to run up and down the scale...that's it really



Good: Beautiful acoustic work, and a flawless intro. Every riff was interesting
Bad: There was no one moment that took my breath away - nothing was bad but there was no spectacular high point. Muck about with the solo to try and get that.



Good: Could go on all day - particularly the intro, pre chorus and everything post-solo
Bad: Chorus sounds a little off compared to everything else. Nitpicking a bit but I'm not sure how it would work with vocals really. Very little bad to be honest.



Good: The classical influences; gives it a really different feel to what I usually hear. Excellent phrasing in the solo! Everything has an Opeth-feel which I love.
Bad: It's not THAT metal :P - given it's hardly your preferred genre though it's excellent

9.5/10 (bonus points given for the fact that you're out of your comfort zone)


Good: Good use of odd time sigs - doesn't sound out of place
Bad: To be honest this just sounds a bit bland, but much of that's down to just one guitar - add a few more instruments and it would probably be better. Then again, this genre is hardly my forte for critiquing so take it with a pinch of salt!



Good: Really nice rhythm work from 99 on. Also nice to see some vocal lines to see how it works as a song
Bad: The lead guitar in the intro - I just don't 'get' it really.



Good: Piano solo had some excellent moments. In general your keyboard/piano work is brilliant!
Bad: By your own admission it's not really metal - power ballad maybe?



Good: Solid riffs throughout, especially nice pre-chorus
Bad: Just sounds a little empty really although that's probably more gpro.



Good: Flowed excellently and had a great atmosphere
Bad: One of my major faults as well, but the guitar needs to be mixed higher. Also seems you didn't always strike the 'perfect' notes in the solo.



Good: Bars 6-9 were excellent, generally well written rhythm riffs and a nice solo. Brilliant harmony section
Bad: Keys were a bit bland to be honest - have a look at zakatak's stuff, his keys are usually excellent!



Good: Conveys the mood you want successfully, pre-chorus and verse were good
Bad: Bridge needs work and solos don't really have any feeling to my ears



Good: Generally excellent post-intro. Acoustic from 94 is wonderful.
Bad: Intro could do with some runs in between the single notes on guitar 1 between 15-30

9/10 (i'm sure people might moan that it's been posted before but I have no problem with it)


So, my top five are:

1= Zakatak
1= Gonzaw
3= Logan21
3= duncang
3= Broadsword

Overall, cheers for all of these guys, given me bits of inspiration and every piece has something good about it. Keep it up - and cheers to The_Bass_Poet for the idea
I expected my score, I like weird transitions
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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crap 6 lol i guess better luck for the next one :P

Wouldn't be too worried mate - yours is quite similar to my stuff about a year ago, you're just overcomplicating things a bit. The main ideas are good, you just have to focus them more. Ignore the temptation to harmonise everything - have a look at the guys who've done well here, Zak and gonzaw. Both of them have a few main ideas that are really strong and emphasise them whilst making sure they never get boring. The best way of improving is analysing what others do well. Keep it up, it'll come!
So only one judge per competition?

I can deal with 8/10, very cool, especially for a genre I hate.
Oh also, about the levels. That might be if you listened to an RSE version. I don't have RSE (didn't even bother downloading it, midi is better :P) so judges probably need to adjust volume levels for mine or just listen to the midi.
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Damn, I was hoping with a 9/10 I'd be higher than that...but cool. I haven't listened to the other entries myself yet, so I guess I can't really complain

Also, apologies for submitting a song which wasn't written in the submission time, I didn't realise it had to be 100% new material until a couple of days before the deadline. I do actually have something but it's far from finished, so I just submitted Shrine instead.
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Sorry all, I'm a bit late on this.

Please excuse the multiple posts; my comp freezes up if I type too much in one post.

Just so you all know...Just because I may not care for one particular part of your song, don't trash it. If you're satistfied, keep it. If my crits make you think overwise, improve on it!

Slaytanic1993 - If I'm correct, the entries were required to submit a .gp4, .gp5, and a MIDI file? You lack two.

SGxMastodonxSG - Lacking of the MIDI file.

talentfree - I enjoy the softer, clean Intro. The tuning is also one I prefer, and you use it well. The bass when it first comes in, could be a tad more...diverse (for lack of better terms) in my opinion.

I'm not caring for bars 35-46 at all, there's nothing much new there. I've heard it enough before that in all honesty I never want to hear it again.

47-55 are an improvement.

56-59 are unoriginal and bland to my ears.

Nothing in the rest of the song stuck out for me in particular.

6/10. Amazing Intro guitars, but I feel the latter part of the song dampens it.

JT - Right off the bat, I'm not feeling the need for the second bass track.

Intro - One of the more...different ones I've heard from the site, let alone the competition. Nice job, I like some variety.

Harmonizing riff one all that time was nearly making me bored, but it ended just before that happened.

Acoustic Riffs Verse One - Not entirely bland and boring, but nothing that really stands out to me.

Bridge 1 - Bit different thing you have going on there going back into riff one. I like it.

The solo was uneccessary.

Outro Riff Four - I feel it's a pleasent end to your song.

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Darktom666 - Intro - It's...somewhat different. I feel I've heard parts before, but I couldn't quite predict where you were heading. That's good in my opinion.

Verse A - nice riff in there, bass is decent. The lead overtop isn't really that offputting, but not that great.

Chorus - Loving the bass here. It's what's good about this portion of the song.

Bridge - Again, enjoying the bass. Not much else going on here.

Solo - Nothing special. I'm glad you didn't go crazy with sweeps, but I just heard a lot of the same notes, and nothing unique about it.

Outro - A fitting ending for this song, but doesn't cap it off as nicely as others I've seen.

5/10 - An excellent spice-up with the bass in this one. Just not as much in everything else.

Broadsword - Intro - I love it. When the acoustic lead comes in, it gets even better from there.

Verse - Good. A bit repetitive at times, but I still like it.

25-32 I enjoyed.

The second acoustic section is amazing.

The next solo is pretty enjoyable. Nice backing guitars as well, although the sweeping at the end just doesn't fit in my ears.

The following acoustic section is ear-pleasing, albeit not as wonderful as the others.

The remainder of the song just fits. and sounds good as well.

9/10 - Probably one of the best songs I've heard on here to date. No real complaints to be honest, other than the sweeping at the end of one solo, and if improved a tad bit the other acoustic section could be better. Amazing work you've got here.

zakatak9389 - Zakatak9389 - Intro - Quite brilliant piano piece, One of the better I've heard on here.

I think I see the direction you were going with the intro of the guitars, but If you changed things up a bit more, you would've nailed it.

Verse one - bored me some, but still something there.

Pre-Chorus - same thing here as the Verse. Potential.

Enjoyed everything up till Chorus one.

Chorus 1 - Liking it, everything fits.

Solo - Very well written, probably my highlight of the song.

The acoustic break is a bit repetative. The outro however, is pleasent.

7/10. Some parts are wonderful, a few aren't. The main reason you don't have a higher score is because for me, some parts are already decent, but could be improved so much more.
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gonzaw - Intro - Brighter acoustic bit, seems to work well.

Don't care too much for the entrance and dissapearance of the distorted guitars. The next time the lead comes in, it's pleasent sounding though. sweeps transition well.

Solo - Nothing that really caught my attention. It sounds great, but nothing special.

Breakdown - ear-pleasing, sounds good to me overall.

Outro - Didn't really care for it. Fit well enough, but nothing really stood out for me.

7/10 - Some good and well-written parts, but others...not so much.

ctb - Intro - Bland. Heard it all before, many times.

Even after it goes into the Tech Death bit, it bores me.

1/10 - This is the more bland, repetitive, boring excuse for contest material I've ever heard.

Bloodshed344 - Intro. Soft, and pleasent to the ears. I'm well content with it.

When the lead guitar comes in, things could be improved, but it sounds fine.

Backing section for the vocals is what it needs to be - simple, but giving it a full sound and not boring.

Sadly, 44-147 I've heard all before, and the sweeps aren't needed at all.

4/10 The intro is great, but the rest of the song isn't for me. Sounds like many, many other compositions.
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thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
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Madzaa - Intro - Soft, lovely intro. I love these.

the Piano solo was simply beautiful.

8/10 This composition is beautiful in it's entirety. Sadly though, you don't quite follow up on the genre, which is a true shame. If not for this, you'd have gotten an 9, or perhaps even a 10.

Logan21 - Intro/Verse - Nice little section here.

Bridge - Decent leads. Heard it before, though.

Break - I'm digging the strings part after this, nice job.

Pre-Solo - Heard it a Million times before.

Solo - Good backing. I liked the touch of Wah in it. The ending sweeps, as with other songs in this comp, aren't that pleasing. Maybe it's just me, but they don't sound well with the other parts.

Outro - boring.

7/10 - Good Intro/Verse/Chorus. Nice leads after Break. Latter half of solo could be reworked, not digging the pre solo or outro.

Zao89 - Intro - Nothing special, but not that bad.

Verse - Heard it before.

Chorus - Liking it...

solo - short'n'sweet. For some reason, it made me think of Arabian style music, like the Tetris theme

Bridge - Liking the Keys 2 track.

ARPEGGIATOR - That's just a badass part, well done.

Solo 2 - Better than the first one. Hidden Harmonies? Nice touch on that one.

...Did you put a damned hidden track in a tab contest?


you win. 100/10. That's amazing.
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thought I was dreaming
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I didn't tell you
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Strat07 - Intro - digging this Intro.

I thought this would be bland, but really it sounds dark enough me. I like it.

Nuclear Mushroom is good.

Nice solo.

The rest of the song was good.

8/10 Everything works well together, keep at it. The little duel could use some improvements, but I like the idea.


Whew, guess that's it. That took awhile.

I'd be glad to judge another comp sometime.

1. - Zao_89
2. - Broadsword
3. - Madzaa
4. - Strat07
5. - Tie between a few of them, I like them all equally. You all figure this spot out.
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thought I was dreaming
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