I just recently bought a guitar and amp, and I am trying to learn how to play. I have a Marshall MG30DFX and and ESP/LTD JH-200. My question is how to set the overdrive channel on the amp to get a good distortion sound for playing heavy metal(Metallica to 80's Hair Bands) and also should I be using the neck pickup or the bridge pickup or both pickups to achieve this sound I am looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
bridge usually gets the "metal" tone. as for the knobs, experiment until you get something that you like
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Set your gain controller of the overdrive channel on your amp to high values [8-10] and play with your sounds (bass,treble,mids) although metallica mainly had a lot of bass and low mids (bass:8-10, mid: 3-5, treble:5-7) and with your footswitcher select the overdrive channel.

Just play with your guitar and amp settings and you'll find the best pickup position to meet what you want to hear!
with marshall MG you can't get heavy metal tone.
There's no way.
Maby with a overdrive pedal but that would be stupid if you ask me.
You should have asked for advice before buying that MG cuz there are far better amps in that price range.
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depends on what kind of pickups ya have but usally for metal use the bridge. where as if you have emgs you both