I have been struggling for a while now trying to tune this, each time i get close i realize the tremlo bridge is up way to high and then its back to square one.

i have just been to my local music store and asked them to tune it but instead he just told me how to. So i went home and done what he said, and its not working. I was told to tune it normally(i thought i had been doing that) and he told me about the locking nuts, but when i tighten one string another loosens... i am so stuck

Could someone here please give me a step by step instructions on how to tune it properly?
i think you tune normal.. tighten at top..

then you tune again but fine tune with the screws at the bottom til its bang on

is how mine does it.. not sure if guitars set up exact but mines a RG ibanez
but i can't tune normal beacuse by the time i have tuned the high e string all the others are out of tune again
then you just need to use the screws at the bottom to adjust it...

i had same problem.. but what the ones at the bottom do is to fine tune it

so you tune it, tighten... it'll go offtune .. but not by much

then use the screws at the bottom to fine tune.. and should be sorted
DO NOT TOUCH THE TREMOLO!!! Yeah thats really all the advice I can give. I had that same problem for a looooooonnnnnngggggg time and I don't think I ever did fix it.
when you say screws at bottom do you mean the screws underneath where the springs are?