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What do you put in your coffee or tea? Which do you usually go for?
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I rarely drink either.

If I do, its tea and thats only really so I can dunk biccies in it.
This is no coincidence... I'm drinking tea right now. 2 sugars and milk. Mmm.
Nothing. Ever.

Altering either is sacrilege.

And they must be made with a press, none of this drip/filter/bag shenanigans.
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Ive never put milk in my tea. I guess i gotta try that. Any recommendations on teas that i can get over here in the states? Coffee is too harsh for me.
Coffee either white with 2 sugars, or black with three. If it's tea then milk with two sugars.
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I like the smell of coffie. But I dont like the taste, and I dont like tea either.

Therefore I drink neither of them. But I like the smell of one of them.
I go tea obviously. Seeing how it's the chief export of my native country.
Anyways, I usually go for 3 spoons of sugar. Other days, some milk and some vanilla creme. It's the ****.
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I usually drink fancy-dan coffee's like cappucino, latte or mocha. Don't really need to add anything to those, except maybe some hazlenut or vanilla syrup.
Tea, milk and sugar.
The amount of sugar varies from time to time

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i dont like coffee, and i hardly ever have tea. if i have tea i usually just put in some sugar to sweeten it up a bit.
Tea, 3 sugars, dash of milk.
Coffee, 2 sugars, either a dash of milk or coffee mate.

I'm also partial to green tea.
Coffee with sugar and sometimes when I feel badass I put milk in as well.
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I usually go for the strong Twinnings tea with a side order of searchbar, lulz.

Only kidding. I do have the Twinnings though...
Coffee - black
Tea - ice, sweet (that's right SWEET tea, i live in the south)
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Tea and coffee, milk and 2 sugars in both.

I'd rarely be awake without them.
I like both. Coffee for the taste, and tea for the healthy benefits.
Nothing in either.

Coffee: Dark roasted India Malabar, Espresso Toscano and I love a decent latte but I'm pretty picky with where I get those

Tea: Genmaicha, Egyptian Chamomile and sometimes Sencha or Jasmine.
There is some magical ingredient in coffee that makes me crazy, I swear. It can't be just caffeine because I down a 2 liter of Mountain Dew and nothing will happen. My friend and I downed five cups of it at this retreat we went on and we were crazy the rest of the night. It was like a lesser version of some mixture of high/drunk. I have no idea what caused it because that was not the normal effect caffeine has on me (note both of us hadn't had coffee in forever so tolerance was way down)

coffee- Heaps of creamer, half a spoon of sugar.
Tea- Hot.
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I like my coffee like i like my women: Black and Bitter.

Ok serious now, my tea has to have 2 sugar or 2 sweeteners, gotta have a dash of semi-skimmed milk and the teabag left to stew for a minute in just hot water in the cup.

Coffee has to be very strong and black with lots of sugar
Or a latte
I drink organic green tea from real tea leaves and I add nothing to it.
I F0cking Love Coffee.
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I take both with hot water.
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I quite enjoy coffee, but only from a vending machine that comes in a crappy plastic cup for 40p. It tastes shit whenever I try to make it at home
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