hey people, I'm after a distortion pedal for my bass guitar. i want a simliar kind of distorted sound that Flyleaf use in some of their songs. I'm looking at working around a £100 budget? any ideas folks?

I'd like to know that too. Their bass tone is awesome.
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I heard the keeley modded Boss Blues Driver is AWESOME for bass.
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The big muff sounds sexy with Bass, but it is of course a fuzz pedal rather than distortion.

I sggest you try it out though, it might be just what you're looking for.
ProCo Rat sounds awesome for bass. As does the Big Muff, Boss makes an ok bass dist pedal. I've also seen tubescreamers used, to fairly good extent.
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i have an overdrive pedal already...what about if i hooked up a fuzz pedal with that...to kind of get a heavy kind of fuzz...if thats possible...we play alot in drop d at present...
Don't listen to this big muff bs. Big muff= no low end, no cut in the mix. It sounds real neat until you try to play with other people and can't hear yourself any more. Start by looking at sansamp boxes and the mxr bass blowtorch. I've heard great things about the wolly mammoth too, but haven't ever actually heard one in use.