How would i go about Installing a 3 prong grounded power cord in a 1961' Fender Bandmaster. It is a Blonde Bandmaster FYI. Can some one tell me what i need to do. Because i really want to get this beast up and running soon.
Go to a pro. Electrical work is easy to botch, and do you really want to destroy a almost 50 year old amp?
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Go to a pro. Electrical work is easy to botch, and do you really want to destroy a almost 50 year old amp?

TS: Have you ever done any electronic before? And could you post a pic of the power part so someone more knowledgeable than myself can help you
here is top view of the amp's guts i have not touch or changed anything it is all stocked. Someone however has bypassed the fuse (what a moron!) but here is a large picture

in the top right corner you can see where the power cable comes in

edit: also here are the schematics for the amp

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anyone gonna answer the question i have pics and schematics up for like over an hour
Be patient. Sometimes it takes days to get proper responses.

... of course now that you've whined about it being "like over an hour", people will be lining up in droves to answer.
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i've got a 3 prong power cable to use with the amp. I know where the white (hot) and the black wire go but i don't know where to wire the third green (ground) is suppose to go. Please enlighten me where i should attach the ground wire. This amp has a ground switch on it even though the cable does not have a ground prong. Please view the picture and the schematic to help your thinking. thanks yall
The switch should be disconnected. You could, however, use two of the lugs for soldering the power cables wires to. The ground wire should be grounded on the closest PT bolt. This is arguably the most important wire in the whole amp, so make sure it properly connected to the chassis, and it won't vibrate loose.