Now I have a weeks holiday from school because of halfterm, most kids in the UK have it. Does anyone else have a week off school or college?

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there's no half terms at uni. i'm in my exam period.
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Yeah but I've been off for two weeks already, study leave.

I'm just bored and I can't seem to even care about my exams. Oh well, I guess I'll be applying for a life-time employment at Tescos soon enough.
i'm on study leave for my A2's, but this week is all about getting crunk
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my half term is being spent working solidly in preparation for exams, so i could hardly call it "time off"....

I'm pretty much off for the summer, I just have catch-up/improvement week and a few exams that aren't part of the course but are organised by the college.

That's 3+ months of time off but don't worry, I'll think of you when I wake up at 1 in the afternoon (not in a homoerotic way) ^_^
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I've got 2 more exams in the next 9 days, then I'm off for summer.

Take that all you people still in school!
I've been out for summer for....oh, three weeks now.
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i would want to celebrate but the weather means i cant do hardly anything with my mates and girlfriend >_>...
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I'm revising for the 10 AS exams I have left (already done 5) and then I'm back to school to start A2.
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I have a week off for half term, but I only have to go back after it for exams.
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As of the 2nd of june,, I will have finished school and I don't even have to think of college until s-s-s-s-septemberrrr! 3 months holiday, woo!!

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